Master Teacher, Kimberly Powers

I am an agent of change, creative visionary ~ a forces of nature.  I am a Jnani I know about you what most others do not, you are creators of your own reality. You are a lion in the jungle with the heart of a lamb. You crave connection, deep understanding and acceptance. You know there is more for you. I will light your path to freedom, & what more?

Jnani~ One who knows, whose mind has reached pristine harmony. One who has attained liberation from the duality of illusion. Teaching from a place of knowing Absolute Reality.

The joining of two creates a synergy, a transformational alchemy that is nothing less than magical- Kimberly & her team she calls her tribe, were destined to teach together. Kimberly’s depth and magnitude as a creative had expanded beyond the role she had created for herself and her company Insight Strategies, Inc.

Her true gift waiting to be ignited….& What More?

& What More embodies balance and offers a state of pure alignment to it’s clients. Master teachers to their core and her Tribe… guide those who are ready to claim their birthright- To Be Brilliant Creators.


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