The Law of Creation

The Law of Creation

If we had always been taught that God wanted us to be conscious creators, and this is what we heard all day, everyday, what would you allow yourself to create? What would you let yourself do if you knew what you created was powered with the life force of God? Would you question it? Would you seek approval or outside validation? Would you need an external moral compass?

Many of us are feeling the old paradigms of normal… having security, a house, cars, and nice things are not the answer to happiness. This is not the bliss we know somewhere, somehow, is available to us.

What if you knew in your heart your ability to expand in unimaginable ways? What if you knew that, in truth, those things you once wanted were placebos for the pure joy and bliss that exists in creation itself? What if you knew your creations would expand universes?

Our fears are real – we DO know our power consciously or unconsciously, each of us is a creator. Until now, only a few of us have had the ability to remember this. In this time of awakening, the world is not ending, we are not waiting for someone or something to save us; we are being called into the flow of energy, of creation. It is up to us to use our WILL to shape and mold the way we choose to live and the world we choose to live in.

Your WILL can create a new template of peace, joy, passion, freedom, abundance, and love – the template our hearts have longed for. Or your will can allow us to continue to stand in fear waiting for someone else to fix our reality.

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” ~ Albert Einstein

Are you ready to ignite your imagination?

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