When you are living in love, you are living with your heart wide open, your imagination receptive to possibility; your eyes see dancing lights, your soul hears music kept in your memories, and you smile at the simplest of reminders how simple life really is.

You feel the Yes-ness to which life is always inviting you. Your senses are open and the richness of your physical tapestry fills you, delights you, and allows you to KNOW why you have chosen to be here.

Kimberly Powers has always lived hungry for life’s yes-ness. Avoiding complacency at all costs she dared to ask the Universe, “And what now?” Her answer was always the same, “You are a creator, create.”

The journey that awakened her soul to #LiveInLove is documented in her first novel, UNION- The Journey of a Soul Awakening to One continues to touch the heart of readers whom are seeking to understand soul mates, twin flames and the nature of true love. But there was more, more to quench her thirst of creating a life of pure joy, of ease and the deliciousness that life truly can offer a soul living an ordinary human existence.

The Answer – The Law of Creation is the culmination of seven years of seeking to know the sacred mysteries of what lies beyond… beyond the law of attraction, beyond the I AM. She found her answer, “you are a creator, create” through the voice of a collective whom calls themselves The Diamond Collective.

In her second book, Kimberly teaches you how to embrace all that you are and gives you the tools to become a conscious creator through what she calls a Right Brain Renaissance. Once you have read this book you will always be able to find the solution side of life.    #LiveInLove.

Due for publication March 2016, this book has already reached acclaim amongst todays New Thought leaders and teachers.

Are you ready for more?



UNION- The Journey of a Soul Awakening to One

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To Order Union please visit one of these fine book sellers or click on the logo to order online. 

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To order a signed copy directly from Kimberly please scroll down and fill out the form below – be sure to include to whom you would like the book dedicated to and your mailing address. $16.95 plus $3.00 shipping.



The Answer – The Law of Creation

Sneak preview….

A Note from the Author

Why a sketchbook? Why this is time?

I want you to Know how to get to the solution side. The solution side of any problem is where you can move forward, no longer be stuck in the “what is”. Frankly, we have as humans have a horrible habit of focusing on our problems.

We are not able to easily give answers to questions about what would make us happy, joyful, at ease and abundant. We always start from a problem rather than creating from zero point. We have been operating for the limitations of “the problem.”

“I will be happy when I loose 10 lbs., It would be a joy if my son would clean his room without me yelling at him, if I had more money my life would be easy.”

I call those left brain barrier. We loop through over and over reliving the problems – discussing them time and time again. Finding new solutions, new answers to what we want, what we want to create feels scary. We look for consensus, validation, and confirmation. We look for others to say yes, you are correct.

As your questions change you will bring to life the solutions that have always been waiting for you.

This is a sketchbook designed to awaken you to the power of your own individual creative ability to change the world. In these pages, you will find the power of your Will and the freedom to use it.

If you are reading this book, I know you are on the leading edge of creation, and I my wish is to help you to go beyond that edge. (Illustration of the fool card)

It is my desire that the sketchbook pages invite you to play and to write down notes, doodles, and lyrics of songs you have stuck in your head. Use this book to hold important or random scraps of paper, your Chinese fortunes and boarding pass. Recognize not only who you are, and you can create a life of bliss, joy, ease, grace, and abundance – for all of us. You are a creator; this is a safe haven to remember who you are.

I call this time the Age of Radical Awareness because we are all fully aware of the problems; it is now the solutions we need to create in order to live the life we know is possible.

Your Will has the power to create a new way of life, lighting a fire in the darkness changing the world in unimaginable ways. One where we can live in love.

I want to teach you how to awaken to the effortlessness of living a joyful abundant life. Through a Right Brain Renaissance you can find amazing answers to our greatest challenges.

You are the one we have been waiting for.





The Premise of this Book

The information on this page is all you really need to know.

  1. You are a creator.
  2. When you create consciously, you are in your full power.
  3. Your imagination is the gateway to unlimited freedom.
  4. Your WILL directs all the forces of the Universe into action.
  5. Creating is effortless.
  6. Know it and it is done.


To preorder this book please fill out the information below and you will receive a code to purchase the ebook for $0.99 as well as launch details.


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