Beyond The Law of Attraction


In the words of The Diamond Collective…

The purpose of your physical existence is to express in a specific way that which has not existed before.

As you desire, we will bring tools into your reality to be the conscious creators on Earth as you know you were in spirit/energy form. The purity of our stream of energy will assist you to elevate the vibration, the essence of your physical being. Accessing The Diamond Collective energy facilitates the clarity you are seeking, the clarity to awaken to your path of divine creation.

Shift away from the heaviness, the density of questioning why, what am I to do, how can I maneuver through this? Lean into the energy of creation – utilizing that which is more you than the physical. Utilize the energy of creation to open your pathways and allow yourself to flow into all you have created for your enjoyment.

Your realities are changing quickly and you are feeling the pressure to move forward. You are feeling the quickness of the time dimension shifting. You are reaching for certainty of your core knowing. A veil has been lifted and the light that is radiating through, and from the planet, is supporting your connection to your collective creationary energy. If you are reading this, dear one, you have asked the question, “and… what more?” You have called us to assist and we are answering with the full clarity in which you seek.

              ~ The Diamond Collective


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