7 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams Come True

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 1.24.01 PMThere are so many ways to manifest. From prayers to dream boards to visualization
grids and the like. Each work and each bring something that assists the
manifestation. As an Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Making Dreams Come True,
trainer I developed this process for my classes. The feedback I have gotten by so
many students was this process was easy and actually let their dreams come true.

Have fun with this and watch it work!

1. Write or draw the emotion you would like to feel with something you want.
Something like, “the joy of a new house”, “the satisfaction of having a new job.”

2. Write your outcome of getting what you want. “you have lots of success”,
“you have a wonderful partner”, “you are in a new home” – Let your self soak in and
feel the outcome of your dream.

3. Write down what comes next after you get the outcome. See what comes
next? With the new job do you move, have lots of money to take wonderful trips,
happiness in what you are doing?

4. Write down why you have this dream. “I want to feel as though I am doing
something meaningful”, “I want to be secure and happy” – get into the reasons you
want you’re outcome.

5. Visualize the whole thing happening. Close your eyes and see your dream
coming true – make a move in your mind. See the details, feel the emotion and let
yourself go in the freedom of being the creator or your movie.

6. Write down the steps it took to get your outcome. You will know where to
start – you will have a path to follow. Remember, if your have been there once (even
in a visualization) its easier to get there a second time. Just ask an athlete how they
became a superstar!

7. Tell the story – Spoken words have power! Share your dream with a friend or
visualize yourself being interview by Oprah on how you made your dream come
true. Have fun and make it outlandish!

Created by Kimberly Powers

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