Infinite Possibilities – Training the Trainer – Denver Co.

Kimberly Powers has been selected as a guest speaker for the  Infinite Possibilities – Training the Trainer  Conference, in Denver Colorado!

Faith and the Magical Universe! 

Saturday, June 8th at 1:30 pm

Kimberly Powers (Certified Trainer/Trailblazer), will lead a real-time demonstration of how to deliver Chapter 6, Faith and the Magical Universe from the Infinite Possibilities Workbook, including a talk on science – measurement and proof; spirituality, faith, and hope; and the convergence of heart and mind followed by a half hour Q&A session.

A record breaking crowd is expected in Denver. Attendees will become a certified trainer of Infinite Possibilities at the end of the conference. Mike Dooley, the NYTimes best selling author and guest on the now famous “Secret” DVD will teach the new trainers how to live and teach Infinite Possibilities to those who are ready to Live the Life of Their Dreams.

Kimberly has delivered this program through out Southwest Florida and says “Teaching this program has changed my life and empowered me to begin living my dream of Teaching, Speaking and Coaching about Legacy Dreams, Conscious Business Models, and Faith and the Magical Universe.”

Please join this amazing group of people and BE THE CHANGE

To Register to become a trainer go to:


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