God is not the only Creator

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For thousands of years we have been afraid of our creative power. The question I pose is why? Those of us who are visionaries, artist, writers, and musicians have had no choice but to follow this energy that flows through them.  Sometimes we will live with nothing to stay within the stream of creation energy. Sometimes we will walk away, hide from it, and pretend we can be “normal” yet, we know we are not. Some will drink, some will go mad and many have ended their own lives because the pain of living in a place which asks us to fear what we are.

Why has it been so programmed into us that creation is unstable or even dangerous. I believe it is a fear. The fear that if we can create as mere humans that we will begin to believe we are all closer to being a god than we are comfortable with. God is not the only creator. There, I said it.

In the spiritual world the term co-creator is used often in reference to our ability to create our own realities. I do buy into this terminology but only so far as we are all one. We are all part of one consciousness. However, I believe co-creation still releases us from the truth. The truth, or should I more appropriately say my truth is I AM a Conscious Creator. Almighty. All Powerful. Omnipresent.

Every thought I create, and the willingness I have to expand that thought into something unique makes me a creator. What we choose to do with our creations says who we are. We can create for service to self; I have done that with my paintings. My ego battles with me between my unworthiness of showing my artwork. When it is good enough to show and sell my ego feels as if a part of it is gone. There is also service to others. In my business I was a creator of brands, advertising and marketing. Each thing I did I never felt ownership but was more of a conduit of an expression of the client’s creative energy. Universal service is what I am now being asked to do. I believe we are all being asked to do this. We are being asked to consciously create what is next.

If I believe I am a creator where do I see God in all of this? I see quite clearly that God is within me. I believe God is my life force, the creator of life itself. But we have free will. What does that free will give us? Free will gives us the ability to create, to be a conscious creator. To feel, think, and be inspired to take action with our unique focus, the sum of all our experiences, our mind and our hearts. We also have the ability to not create and exist in what others create around us.

What if we knew that God wanted us to be conscious creators? What if we heard all daylong everyday that God wanted us to be creators? What if we felt our ability to expand in unimaginable Ways?  Many of us are feeling the old paradigm program of normal, having security, a house, cars, and nice things is not the answer to happiness. The bliss we know somewhere in our hearts is available to us. What if you knew that in truth those things were placebos to the pure joy and bliss that exists in creation itself. And what is it that you would let yourself paint, sing, imagine, invent if you knew what you created powered with the life force of God would expand universes?

Our fear of creation is real because we DO know our power. Each of us is a conscious creator but only a few of us have had the ability to remember until now. In this time of awakening the world is not ending, we are not waiting for someone or something to come save us; we are being called into the flow of energy, of creation. It is our choice to use our power in service creating peace, joy, passion, freedom, abundance, and love that our hearts have longed for or we can stand in programmed fear as we have been taught. It is up to us what happens.

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