Energy Exists as Energy

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In writing and preparing for a presentation I will be giving to a group of almost 250 who believe Thought Become Things. I was in the process on digging deep into my own understanding of consciousness. I began explaining that conscious was energy – and we are energy. Therefore we are conscious creators of our reality. The thought crossed my mind whether or not to dive deeper into science – the proof of this concept. I wondered if this idea would be understandable, the answer I received surprised me.

I had a teacher one who had given me the book Illusions. I have read it over and over again each time learning, noticing something new or relevant to where I am in my life. One day on facebook I was chatting with this teacher. She was telling me she was glad I had found my calling – referring to me teaching concepts such as Thoughts Become Things. I found that funny because I was not sure at all I understood enough about conscious creation to teach it to others, within a few minutes I received this in my mailbox.

“Energy exists as energy – it cannot be destroyed or created. It is ever expanding. It takes every form, this energy is thought, this energy is the planet, the universe, human and non-human beings in physical and non-physical form. This energy is not in pieces it is whole just as we are whole.

We are complete in whatever form we exist. We contain everything within this unified energy. Therefore separation or judgment cannot exist because God is everything.

God cannot exist as separated pieces so judgment is only for those eyes who are looking at a fraction of anything and pieces do not exist only the whole exists.

This is the truth that we have hidden from ourselves so that we could understand the whole – the whole is both knowing and not knowing – it is all of it.” Kim Garton 1981

I was 13 when I wrote this. I had long forgotten about it but she remembered and through the collective conscious she answered my question.

We have always known this information it has always been in our consciousness. We just need reminding every now and then that we are much more than we remember.

Who reminds you?

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