Vision Boards and the Law of Attraction! They Work!!!!!


If you have never created a vision board its time to make one! I created a vision board a while back and have it hanging on my office wall.

With almost no conscious effort (other than saying YES!) I have been given one opportunity after another to have the images on the board move from visions into the most fantastic things I could imagine.

Of course, speaking to an audience of 230 plus, international, like minded, cool, passionate, Infinite Possibilities trainers was smack in the middle of my vision board. Since that’s checked off I am on to the next adventures I planned for myself.

In the morning I am leaving for Toronto, Canada where I will get to meet a man that appears not once but twice on my vision board, Gregg Braden as well as Michael Eiesen, Alex Woodard, Bruce Lipton, Nick Ortner, Wayne Dyer and Brian Weiss. Yah! Does my life ROCK or what???? I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself – not to mention I have not ever been to Canada either so that is just a huge bonus.

How did all this happen? I trusted that it would! Thanks to an amazing Woman I met in Denver, Julia, who invited me along for the ride as she is interviewing these amazing individuals for a movie she is producing, Making Man.. Kind, my vision is coming true.

Check out Julia’s site and join in on the Gratitude of living life!

What’s on your vision board and have you seen it turn into a reality ?

And what are you Grateful for ?

Leave a message below!

4 thoughts on “Vision Boards and the Law of Attraction! They Work!!!!!

  1. Vision boards/posters are very powerful! It is how I have created most of my life. Now, my clients and I have been having success with the ones we have created for them using my Creative Memories design software. One moved to California, another is growing a business, another is on the path to health and wellness and writing books again, yet another has met each of her quarterly business goals, and on and on the examples go…even me meeting Mike and receiving IP certification. It was a joy to meet you in Denver and thank you for your presentation to us. Your insights have come up in several of my conversations (e.g. computer to cell phone technology and 30 steps, elephant story) and your personal encouragement afterward was appreciated. Let me know when you would like to collaborate on your next vision poster or get an angel card reading. ;D
    May our paths continue to cross in this fun and wonderful game of life!

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  3. I learned about vision boards a few years ago and it was a powerful experience. Initially, I got too caught up trying to do it within a software program. Just using images and glue works best

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