Possibilities In Paradise



Possibilities In Paradise

A beloved friend of mine Leigh Daniel, had a vision six months ago. That vision included teaching, Infinite Possibilities in a place she loved Key West, FL.

On the weekend of July 19th twenty-five people gathered on the tiny island at the end of the keys and realized their infinite possibilities. Some people taught a class for the first time, some realized that they could create a life filled them with joy, others reached awareness they had never had before.

For me, I realized that I am the professional speaker I wanted to become. I spoke to the group who gathered on a shade filled patio at our hotel. The message I shared was about the Radical Age of Awareness. A term I coined for the shift in the awareness everyone on the planet has felt.

Over the last few years I have realized that we are ready for new methods of conducting our lives, our work and our way of living in harmony with each other and the planet. I have immersed myself in reading, teaching, and speaking about our ability to create our realities. I have enjoyed the journey but it has not necessarily been an easy one. I love to work with people and collaborate. I also know I am a pathfinder, a path I had to walk alone. I spent much of my time in solitude. Their were few that I could turn to, for assistance in creating the principles of the HOW we can create new foundations and bridge our past to our futures in our families and work we choose to do.

During this time most of my strength by being in Awe. Holding on to the moments of inspiration, marveling at the amazing world we live in and witnessing the simple joys that exist between strangers who stop and simply connect. Most people miss the joy, the wonder they don’t allow it to be their focus. Instead they experience it and quickly move to the next problem before them.

I asked the group gathered in Key West to stay in the awe. I believe those who have taken this journey like I have, are the creators of FAST PASSES for others. Whether we are teaching Infinite Possibilities, healing arts, yoga, or corporate training for professionals we have been given the gift of a new kind of strength and leadership to inspire others to live in joy, ease, grace and peace.

My gift from the weekend was an awareness that my strength, strengthens others, my fearlessness inspires others and my words opens pathways they have been waiting for them. Welcome to the Age of Radical Awareness.

Conscious Creating,


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