A Life Well Lived – Living as an Eternal Being

I decided to share this as a post. At this time so many people are leaving our presents on this earth. In the last months I almost can’t count the number of people who have transcended into energy leaving their physical bodies behind.

I have for so long been connected to energies that are not physical that I have viewed death very differently than most. I can hear these energies and feel them. Yet it is not just energy that has moved on that I can connect to – I can connect to every one’s energy. But for me every once in a while someone so connects to me that they forever change my life. Recently a friend our family passed and this is something I wrote for his wife.

During the immediate time that he passed I has happy to witness so many understanding that he was ready to leave. It was his choice. Just hearing this from people who are not “spiritual” so to speak tells me how much each of us are connecting and understanding all that is as something beyond just our physical existence.

As I sat in the church for our friend’s service my heart expanded in joy and appreciation of our evolution.


A Life Well Lived

There is something that happens to us when someone we know dies. For a moment or more we pause, flashing back to moments – remembrances of the person we knew.

Words they spoke, gestures that made them unique, smiles and sounds of their laughter fill our memory. We are saddened to know those things about them will not again fill our senses.

But there are some that have passed, some that were so powerful in their life that they seem to live on. We may not think of them a powerful for they lived a gentle life but the moments of joy, laughter, kindness and love were not fleeting but how they lived day in and day out. For these people, the few among us, their reach exceeds the norm. The live on in our hearts, still loving us, still asking us how we are, still connecting to us with their hears and gentle hand.

They are the way-showers of a life well lived. They are ever present in our moments of weakness, worry and wonder. These way-showers whisper in our ears, smile at us through our memories, they leave us feathers reminding us they glide on the breeze that touches us, and answer our questions with rainbows in the sky.

These are the ones who live on in eternity, God’s special gifts, that reach the world with their kindness, sincerity and compassion.

These are the ones that never be forgotten, the powerful ones who are strong enough to show us how a life well lived can change the world.



There are only two people in my life who I know to be eternal. Two people, who fought for life, loved all the people who crossed their path in a way others only love a few people in their lives. They showed everyone how kindness, compassion and sincerity leads to a life well lived. Norm and my Grandfather.

My Grandfather is with me everyday guiding me, loving me, showing me the way. He is with my mother too and watches over the boys. He was with my grandmother too, watching over her every moment, letting her know he was there.

Norm is eternal. He shines though with the light of his heart transcending his physical death. Even though I rarely saw him, the moments I did have with him were powerful because they were always from his heart and love is eternal.

One day just before I am done, I hope I can know that I too had a life well lived as they showed me how too.

So much love, Kimberly

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