Its’ All a Bigger Picture Than We Can Imagine

Sometimes it is not about us. Yesterday, I planned to edit my short story for the Infinite Possibilities trainers collective project, but found myself distracted with many things. One, if which was a message from my renter that a pipe was leaking quite a bit of water. I wondered why so many distractions were coming up when I felt really excited about finishing the story. Was I really fearful of actually sending it in? Was the Universe holding me back from sharing a relived story from long ago?

When I finally sat down to do the editing my dad dropped in – another distraction I thought. Of course I am going to give him my attention. He hung out for a while having a glass of wine and killed me with political talk. But this time was different. This time I said, until we understand it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong and value each other for our view points -and our worries we are all out of alignment of the constitution. (I felt a bit daring bringing up alignment in the discussion) but I went on to say that the men who created the constitution sat in a closed window brick building honoring each other’s views. For nearly two years they continued to leave their business, farms and families to create a system that protected each of the concerns of the various states. I went into detail of the individual’s views and how they were protected in the system they finally came up with. I said until we are ready to find answers beyond our own than we will be forever frozen in a battle ground that I am not willing to listen to any more. For the first time in years he stopped arguing his point of view. And said, the world is luck to have people like you – I did good raising you and smiled at me. I just got tears in my eyes.

The next sentence he said made me smile. “By the way – you know how the Universe works” ( yes I do – I didn’t know he did – even though I have said it enough) “Well I have been thinking all week that I need to service the AC at your rent house. That is probably why she called – I already took care of it”. Who would have thought… My dad knowing thoughts become things and finding reassurance that I’m ok and seeing his part in the big picture. As it turns out that is exactly what my short story is about – him giving me the tools to be the person I have become and trusting in the bigger picture because the Universe is always taking care of things.

With that he left and I finished my proofing and hit send. J I am so looking forward to sharing the collection with all of you!

Tell me how the Universe is working in your life below – I would love to hear your stories too!

One thought on “Its’ All a Bigger Picture Than We Can Imagine

  1. I loved this article. I thought your insight on our founding fathers and their commitment to do what’s best for each other was brilliant. Given our busy schedules, it takes a small commitment to read what may appear to be a long article at first glance, but I really enjoyed it. And I’m glad I read it. Isn’t it great how things always seem to work out. 🙂 HP

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