Learn the Secrets of how to Be a Rock Star on Stage! Free Tele-Seminar Hour

Free Tele-Seminar Hour 

with Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer Kimberly Powers

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 10.06.56 PM

When: November 6th at 9 PM EST (check your time zone)

Dial in: 1-267-507-0240

Conference code: 554674

Are you ready to Rock the Stage? Do you have passion, excitement and a message to share?

Do you still get butterflies in your stomach before you teach a class or get on stage?

Or Do you feel like you don’t even know where to begin?

In one year Kimberly Powers became an Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Trailblazer, Toastmaster, Officer of the Naples Advanced Toastmasters club with her CC and CL certificate and stood on the main stage in Denver teaching Faith and The Magical Universe.

How did she go from thinking she was not ready to teach the IP material to becoming a Public Speaker? She manifested the opportunities and people who would show her HOW to shine like a Rock Star on Stage.

For over a year Kimberly researched and learned from the best and the brightest how to become a world-class speaker. Darren LaCroix, Steve Siebold and even the late Steve Jobs have helped her learn how to be professional and feel confident delivering to an audience of any size.

Join Kimberly on the November 6th Infinite Possibilities Bridge call and learn the simple secrets she learned on how to:

  • Deliver your message in a meaningful and concise way.
  • Create flow – timing what to put where in your class or speech to keep your audience engaged.
  • Feel ready and confident no matter what happens.
    • Creating great support materials and power points.
    • Get the most out of your Toastmasters club and create your keynote from the Competent Communicator manual.
    • Feel like a Rock Star on Stage.

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