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 Learn the Secrets of how to Be a Rock Star on Stage!

Havalynn – Kimberly Powers, It should have been called, ” How To Be A Rockstar On Stage…or over the phone!!!” If anyone missed it and will be on stage in Boston this call will have you owning the stage with a new sense of confidence and passion for the message you want to share! Kimberly, so many delicious chunks of info were received and I thank you SO much!!! Love and can not wait to see you! Woo hoo!

Hi Kim, Toni & Nick here in Chicago.  Great to hear you on the IP call tonight.  You totally rocked it as usual but it was wonderful to get some of your secrets of speaking!  Please let us know how to sign up for your class in December as our first class is in January and we’d love to get your input on our intro speeches, etc.

Gloria – Kimberly Powers you totally are a Rock Star…….I am inspired and now have my second wind of the day…..I may stay up all night……hahahahahaha….Thanks for the great presentation. Lots of practical immediate tips I am planning to use.

Jan – The build up of waiting to hear this magnificent call was totally worth every second! I feel more INSPIRED on speaking than ever! I was one of the people that would write out a speech word for word & practically memorize before delivery & as time has gone by, I have been going more improve which is little scary & now I have a different perspective that inspires me to do my next speech! I already feel like a ROCK STAR

Lisa I am listening to the call right now! I am presenting tomorrow on “Presentation Skills”. This call couldn’t have come at a better time!!! Thank you so much!!
 This thing tomorrow was a challenge. I have been presenting for years but never had to articulate what I do!! Your call really helped me focus and figure it out.
 Thank you Kimberly Powers!!!

Join in and listen to the recorder November 6th call to learn the

Secrets of how to Be a Rock Star on Stage!

Then sign up for the in-depth step by step tele-class on how and let your Rock Star Dreams come to life!

Join me, Kimberly Powers, December 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd, 9 pm – 10 pm EST 

Learn the Secrets of Becoming a Rock Star on Stage

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