LiveInLove“When we go in search of our twin, we find ourselves – our own beauty and perfection. We find that we exist as divine spiritual beings, having a physical experience with all the trimmings of a non-perfect human. The Bible says that God loves us and that we exist as non-perfect beings. I used to argue that idea in my mind sometimes. I believe God loves us more for daring to be OUT of grace, for showing up with the original sin of disconnection. He loves us more for daring to FIND grace in this non-perfect, physical world. He loves us because each one of our experiences expands and contributes to All That Is. Every desire we create, either through contrast or love, expands our reality, and therefore, expands the reality of all. It is co-creation at its finest. This simple truth has been written about for centuries.”

Excerpt Union, Chapter 13

For the last two years I have been on a quest. I was unaware when I signed up for the journey that it would result in an understanding of Twin Flame relationships and their importance to us as individuals and the evolution of the planet.

This week I finished the final edits to Union, a spiritual novel of a Real Life Journey into Understanding The Nature of True Love: Soul Mate, Twin Flames, and the Union Into One.

Why now? Why did everything in my life stop and direct me to this time and with this set of circumstances to bring forth this information? The answer is simple, all things happen in divine timing.

Tom Lesher, is my favorite astrologer. He produces a weekly Pala report on the astrological aspects that are affecting our world. My question, “Why now?” was answered in this weeks Pala report. It is time for us to come into union and learn to live in love, and the stars (or North Node) has aligned just for us to make our dreams come true.

Tom’s report   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qKXioS2xSU#t=18

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