What Reward Will You Receive by Answering Your Calling?

Today is a day of celebration! It’s reward day! A friend and client is on a journey and today she received the reward of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. The reward is the 9th stage in the journey when the hero takes possession of the elixir that can heal the land. (The elixir can be internal or external) Internal: truth, love, and self-realization. External: Holy Grail, sword in the stone, or in this case a new job – not just a job but also a dream job!

So how did the journey begin? Two and a half years ago I picked up the phone to hear my beloved friend on the other end of the line, “I don’t want to be on this planet any more” were her words. This was not a call for help! These were the words I had also said (or I should say screamed) into the stars one night. Her word and mine were our response to the Call to Adventure, the second stage of the Journey. The first being The Ordinary world where she lived her life as usual, getting up everyday, going to work, doing her thing, and going home.

The Calling is recognition of an unquenched desire. Her desire was to be happy; to work for someone who appreciated her, to be in a creative environment where she could do amazing things that she knew were possible. She wanted to live in a place that had energy, culture, arts and bauety. This was not the life she had been living and the possibility of living that life was not imaginable where she was in the moment.

Over the next six stages and two years of the journey she dreamed, manifested, cried, faced battles, found peace, lost it, found it again, created opportunities, passed them up, regretted it, accepted it, dreamed of a new profession, and became open to the possibility that the reason the new perfect job did not show it’s self was she was looking for the wrong kind of job.

My friend had evolved through the journey and her Ordeal (the 8th phase of the journey) was to face her inner fears and accept she was a leader. Having worked with her I knew she was a leader but like Bilbo Baggins, in the Hobbit she had to accept what I knew to be true – I was Gandalf in this case J . (Isn’t it funny how the hero is always the last to know they are a hero?)

Through all of this she showed up everyday. Sent out her résumé’, went on interviews, did the amazing work she always does as best she could given the environment she was in and believed. Then it happened, one day she was given an offer of a leadership position, in a great place. And then, she passed it up. Not because she was afraid, but because it did not fulfill the need for her happiness.

How does someone give up a bird in hand – even if that bird is not the one they were aiming for? I am so proud of her. She is brave. Most of us would have taken the first opportunity given us.  My friend did not settle, did not quit her career and get a job at Starbucks (although some days being a baristas had it’s appeal)

She allowed herself to evolve. Everyday she sought that which would allow her to feel good, happy if she could, and stayed connected to what she wanted to feel. That is how she created the dream. She wanted to feel good, loved and appreciated.

She trusted the things she learned over her journey were for a reason and within the next six months – that dream job – the one she felt calling her to a new adventure was offered to her. Her reward came today two and a half years later.

How many of us give up on the big dream? How many of us stay true to our desire, our want of feeling true happiness, true joy. How many of us become desperate and  accept something that is just less painful than the place we are at the moment. How many of us let our ego get in the way of the journey and quit moving forward  toward our big dream? I know I have at times. But today I am fortified in my Big Dream by watching a friend accept her reward – it feels amazing!

Today I am celebrating a hero, my hero, my beloved friend and the calling she answered.

What reward will you receive by answering your calling?



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