Living In The Moment Gives the Universe Time to Deliver What You Want Tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 1.38.58 AM All you need is what you have now. Let me say that again… ALL YOU NEED IS WHAT YOU HAVE NOW.

I read that today in Meredith Murphy’s blog Energy Themes: June 2014. As I read her post, I was agreeing all the way through and then I read that sentence. I thought to myself, “Now that is truly asking us to be in the present moment.” I do live in the present moment in almost everything EXCEPT when it comes to MONEY. For some reason, money is something about which I constantly project anxiety. Will I have enough to pay the boys’ tuition, will my resources continue to be depleted, how many checks will I receive in the next week, will my renters pay the rent on time? It could be an endless loop in my mind. To keep myself from fear, I have a tendency to push the worry aside and know that everything will be ok and know that I will be supported and taken care of. I always am, in one way or another, but it still doesn’t feel good. I do know that I need to get to reconciling the bills that I have on direct draw, pay the thing that are not and make sure that, indeed, there is enough to cover everything. Although I act as if all is well and I know that it truly will be, the feeling of getting by sucks.

Today it hit me. And Meredith’s words “all you need is what you have” was the trigger. What we need to do in the places we have the most struggle, the most doubt, and the hardest time releasing attachment to a specific outcome is to be more in the moment than any other thing in our life. See, by not being in the moment with my issues around money, I have not allowed for the Universe to show up and do its magic at least in the big way I know is possible. I have not believed in myself that the actions I take will produce the resources I need and so much more. Instead I have been constantly projecting on what might not be available in the future for future payments. That is plain crazy when you know you are a master manifestor.

The very next blog I read was written by Yiye Zhang. I am not sure how I ended up on her blog but the post she created was awesome and just what I needed for the day. Four Spiritually Practical Ways to Make Money This Week  spoke to the idea of asking specific guides to assist you with specific money issues. I played along and outlined what each guide did. Runner Guides save and find money for local things – be open to see how they assist. Helper Guides assist in finding and bringing to you the ideal clients; Teacher Guides help with pricing and editing my book, or anything else we need to learn; Healer guides release blocks to the inflow of money or anything else we desire. I then asked for their assistance in manifesting money for me in whichever way they prefer to do it.

This is where the magic comes in! A few hours later while I was organizing and cleaning my office, I ran into the statement for my son’s tuition next year. I remember opening it and being shocked at how much it was this year. The amount of assistance I have been given as a single parent had gone down dramatically and I had wondered for a split second if I could afford to continue sending him to school. I had quickly dismissed the idea of not sending him to that school and replaced the thought with somehow I am just going to have to get this bill down. The next thought that came was that the higher price than expected was proof that indeed I would have greater resources to pay the bill. With that thought, I celebrated the idea of having endless money and put the bill aside. As I looked at the bill again today, something I had not seen popped out at me. The statement did not include the deposit I had already put down and it did not include our Catholic parish discount. A savings of $1,750! Just that made the bill much less scary. At the same time I was looking at the bill, a client called to tell me she had money for the work I did with her this month. That is when I realized that the very thing I asked my runner and helper guides for showed up within hours.

WOW! Let the Universe step in and answer your requests and trust in yourself that you will do what you need to do in order to have everything and anything you desire. Live in the moment! ALL YOU NEED IS WHAT YOU HAVE NOW.

  1. In what areas are you living in the moment?
  2. In what areas do you struggle with living in the moment?
  3. What evidence would show you that you can believe all you need is what you have now to allow the Universe to help you let go of your struggle/need to control what scares you?


Please share your experiences below, repost and like! 🙂




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