Show Me The Evidence!

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

As a Law of Attraction expert, one would think I would have it down: think it, check for any limiting beliefs that could block my desire so that I can truly believe I can have what I want, feel it, and take the inspired action that comes to create momentum to bring about anything I desire. Simple, right?
Well, why then do I/we get stuck? Why do I/we get frustrated when the desire does not show up? And even though we know that frustration is counter-productive to allowing the Law to work how do I/we not let that frustration overwhelm us from time to time? This is what I have been asking to understand.

If you have studied the Law of Attraction at all, then you know that gratitude is an igniter to allowing the Universe to bring your dreams into reality. I am sure you are like me and you are grateful for what you have – I mean deeply grateful – but still (from time to time) feel the void between what I have now and my desire. And that feeling stinks.
desire. And that feeling stinks.

A friend, fellow Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Visionary Vixen Jaci Clark and I often talk and support each other on our personal things as we are working on an awesome project together. Something she said one day stuck. Evidence. Rather than looking for the whole manifestation of my desire, I switched my focus, and I began looking for the evidence that it was on its way. Shazam! Just like that I began seeing evidence everywhere I looked. As I saw the evidence of the pieces that were all coming into play for my big desire, I have been able to be in constant gratitude!

Being in the mindset of gratitude of the evidence (rather than waiting for the completion of the desire to manifest) has seemingly increased the speed in which more evidence is showing up. It’s building the momentum, which in turn is allowing me to “feel” the reality of the desire more and more! Feeling good – or, better yet, great – and knowing it is on the way feels awesome and fuels everything!

Another great benefit to looking for evidence rather than a manifestation is when you see more and more evidence show up you are much more able to deal with the things that seem amuck. Evidence allows for trust! It puts a reality to a bigger unseen.

Yesterday I had a situation come up that could have been viewed as a disappointment. Yet, too many signs were showing me that my desire is indeed happening, so what could this twist be? It was the Universe stepping in to show me how much better a tweak in the plan could be. By trusting that the kink in the plan was truly evidence of the desire coming to fruition, rather than a road block, I did not get frustrated or stop the energy that is unfolding for me.Three steps to help the Universe show you the evidence!

  1. Ask for evidence! As you are thinking of your desire ask for the evidence to show you your thoughts are being heard and that the Universe is in action.
  2. Use Neuroscience. If you are thinking, “how am I going to do that?” you should check out Mary Anne Thomas’s blog/website. Mary Anne is also an Infinite Possibilities Trainer and has started a page for the trainers where we can report three good things every day. The principle is that, if we train our brains to look for three good things each day, our brain automatically rewires itself to see positive things rather than negatives. So, if you begin to look for three examples of evidence that your manifestations are coming into reality, you will find more and more until your desire is a reality.
  3. Show your gratitude by celebrating! Do a dance, pump your arms in the air, and know you are powerful, deserving, and on your way to everything you desire! Oh yeah! It’s yours and it IS happening!

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