The Power of Being Naked.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 6.56.36 PMWhat is it to be naked? When I ask this question to groups I teach, invariably the word vulnerable becomes the consensus. What if we were to change that perception? What if we let go of the fear of our bumps, bulges, and odd tan lines and embraced the asymmetry of our bodies, recognizing it as the chalice that holds our divine soul?

What if standing Naked was standing in our full divinity completely connected to All There Is? Would you feel powerful? Would you feel free? Would you feel safe?

I read an incredible article on the Elephant journal today by Debra Faith Warshaw called “Soul F***ing: A How-To” (F.Y.I. – it is all adult content). In the article, she offers that the necessary element of Soul F***ing is consciousness. That is being fully awakened to the truth that life is to be lived, loved, and experienced with our full presence in the moment. We are not here to suffer and endure but rather to experience joy, passion, love and expansion. We are never lost or alone and, by being fully conscious, we are continually becoming more of who we are. Divinity in physical form.

In Debra’s article, she speaks to meeting another conscious seeker providing the opportunity for an intimacy that is beyond all other intimacies. When two come together fully naked of the layers of armor used to protect their hearts, they can form a fortress of divine insanity. The kind of love and connection we crave and only can have with a completely open naked heart. This union is one beyond the normal, beyond soul mates, this meeting is one of Twin Flames.

In my book, Union, I talk about this kind of nakedness. I talk about the journey of peeling away my layers and opening my heart to awaken to this kind of love. Soul f***ing is beyond the physical act of lovemaking – it is the love of the nakedness of a freed soul. It is awakening to the continuous never ending flow of divinity through our clumsy, imperfect physical bodies and giving over to that flow, becoming one with it. It is achieving union with all that is.

If you are interested in learning more about twin flames and how to become spiritually naked, opening yourself to divine Union, check out my book. Now through July 1, it is half price ($4.99) at Smashwords. Please use the coupon code below and leave a review if the book resonates with you.

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Please check out the article at Elephant Journal. Debra suggests reading article Soul F***ing first (which is much like my experience with Adam in the book 😉 ) and then reading Soul F***ing: A How-To next.

If you are not familiar with the Elephant Journal site you will be thrilled that you have found it. It has many interesting articles.

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