Holding Your Vision!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 4.19.26 AM Ta da! It’s there! The offer, the dream job, the man or woman you have dreamt about for years. In the peak moment you say, “Yes!” You’re thrilled, you own it, you have manifested this very moment into reality!

And then, it falls apart. It turns out this was not at all your dream job or your dream partner. What the hell happened and how many of us can relate?

Yesterday I read I Can See Clearly Now, Wayne Dyers most recent book. In chapter thirty-four, he speaks to asking his publisher of his first book, The Erroneous Zone, about the sales on the book. The publisher had produced 6,000 copies and seemed satisfied with the idea of eventually selling out of those books and allowing the book to move to the “summer” list which more or less means dying on the vine.

Having just written Union and published it with a small independent publisher without marketing support, I could relate. Wayne Dyer’s big time New York publisher had not assigned money or staff to promote his book and the sales he did have came from the platform he had created from local radio shows in the New York area. His publisher saw him as a success as a first time writer and expected nothing more. I, more or less, thought he was a success just landing a New York publisher and producing as many sales as he did. My sales came nowhere near his first run and I was not sure they ever would. That is, if I did not hold on to my vision.

The young Dr. Dyer realized he had a choice to make. He could allow other people to be in charge of his dream or he could take full responsibility and refuse to allow anyone’s opinion to get in the way of his vision. He chose the unthinkable. He held onto his vision and resigned from his professorship position at St. Johns University and took ownership of his future. He did not ask the publisher to finance a trip across the country. He only asked the publisher to continue to supply whatever was ordered by bookstores  – even if that meant producing more runs.

How many of us would take total responsibility of our vision without being dissuaded by “experts” and “dream bosses” believing we had done all we could and that we too should just move on with life? It is a trap I have fallen into so many times in my life. I remember meeting Michael. He was the dream man I had searched for all my life. In the first few minutes of meeting him he asked me what I would be doing one year from today. My instinct was to say “living with you in Ireland” but I didn’t. Maybe my higher guidance stepped in, at the time I just thought he would think I was “one of those girls” if I said what I wanted to. Instead, I said, “I will be standing on stage telling the new Infinite Possibilities trainers how I met you today.” Exactly one year to the minute, I was introduced on the main stage in Denver, Colorado and I shared with 250 people that very story. Like Wayne Dyer, I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I had a clear vision and I had to follow it, despite the temptation to throw it all to the wind and follow a handsome man to an enchanting happily ever after fairytale.

Reading the pages I became aware of how powerful it is to hold our vision. At the time, I had wished I told Michael I would be in Ireland with him; however, being in that heightened vibration state, the bigger vision came out of my mouth. Living in Ireland was Michael’s vision, not really mine. As enticing as it was, I would have been letting my dreams wither on the vine.

Recently, I crossed paths with a friend who has an amazing project he is working on. I am excited about it. I want to be a part of it and when he asked me what role I wanted to play in the company I, once again, heard myself say something different than I expected. “I am not sure I have a role in the company,” came out of my mouth. My mind screamed at me, “Are you an idiot?! Say any role will do just fine thank you very much– you love this project!” But my heart was in the driver’s seat and my heart knew best. Instead of jumping in and fitting myself into a box that had been laid out, I gave him the vision of what I wanted my life to be about. Then I asked, without any attachment to an outcome, if his play, in his theater, had the ability to blend with my vision.

I believe in what he is doing, but not enough to let go of my vision. He believed in his vision enough not to be threatened by my desire to hold onto mine. This is when I realized divine union extends far beyond romance and personal relationships where two really do become one, by not giving over to another, but by entwining together like a DNA helix.

That “aha” moment may just be the most important realization of my life. The reason dream relationships or jobs eventually fall apart is most of us let go of that which calls us forward. We let go to merge into one, rather than finding union together. Choosing work, or relationships, whereby our vision of our life finds union with visions of others, adds strength to the very fiber of relationships in all forms. Imagine a union of thousands never giving up on themselves, but persuing their dreams, acting, and finding connection and union with parallel dreams creating a grater vision – a higher conscious vision.

  • Never let go of your vision – it is why you have chosen to come.
  • Never let go of your vision to be with another, because you will no longer be the one with whom she or he fell in love.
  • Never let go of your vision to get something that is not part of that vision – the rewards of safety or ego are hollow and uncertain.
  • Never let someone else be in control of your vision. It is your vision only you can know when you have achieved the dream.
  • Never let yourself believe someone else’s opinion negatively affects your vision. They don’t know your truth.
  • Never stop believing the universe will support you every step of the way. You will be provided with endless opportunities.
  • Never stop moving toward your vision. Wayne Dyer says, “Let success chase you.”
  • Never ever die with your vision still hidden away. You are never too old; it’s never too late to follow your path.


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