It’s Hard Not To Be Normal.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.17.09 PMWalking through the grocery story today I filled my cart full of buy one get one free things we commonly use in the house. Cereal, ketchup, salad dressing and the like but when I went down the candy isle I was stopped in my tracks. There I stood with a shelf full of buy one get one M&M’s in front of me. With my eyes resting firmly on my favorite yellow package, I just stood there frozen. NO, my thoughts did not center on the issue of weight but something worse. Did I need to spend the money on my favorite kind of peanut M&M?

To cut to the chase, I am happily sitting here writing the post and enjoying life as it is intended to be with a handful of chocolate and nuts but the mind trip of the indecision was a valuable lesson.

Mike Dooley reminds us to greet things that traditionally bring anxiety with appreciation bring what we wish to experience into our reality. Simply said, when the bill comes in the mail say, “Thank God I am so rich!” As I continued to walk through the rest of the store I felt silly for the hesitation – I obviously have more than enough money to buy a bag of M&M so what was the lesson here? Was it self worth? No, I may be careful but I am very confident in my self worth. The question “Did I need to spend the money?” came clearly to mind – but it was not in my voice, it was my father’s voice. I pondered this as I checked out, pleased with my savings the casher pointed out at the bottom of my receipt. I was obviously raised with a saving conscious.

Rather than celebrating the life I have created (and my ability to buy M&M’s at will) I get freaked out when I am spending my savings. I wondered why I don’t literally jump up and down every time I have to pay a bill because I have the money to pay it. Instead, I get more excited about money I save than the money I get to spend. Why is money I put away for myself something I don’t want to spend on myself? I wondered why I don’t appreciate that I have income from my wise investments? Why the money coming in from my awesome clients and book doesn’t feel like income. It took my breath away when I thought of the reality that I am a stay at home mom without the support of a husband to do it and that I have a business that is real and thriving! And, not just any business but a soulful, conscious business! Why don’t I appreciate I am an author who is getting a publishing contract? Who on earth gets to live this amazing dream life? Me, that’s who, and it is because I created it exactly the way it is. So WHY do I feel the need to be normal? To work a nine to five job – or more accurately have a continuous nine to five income, and to feel the need to have a budget to live within? Because, it is hard not to be normal, to step outside of what we were raised to be. It is so implanted in our human psyche that there is a “way to live and operate” that we forget we are all working toward breaking free of that normal life to live our dream life. The hardest part of the journey is learning to live in the dream you have created.

When you create the dream, don’t forget to live it!

LiveInLove of the Journey!

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