Manifesting: Parking Spaces and Pinnacles

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 3.24.01 PM If you have worked with the Law of Attraction at all, then most likely you are an awesome manifestor of parking spaces. You also probably find kind, helpful people wherever you go. But, if you are at all like me, all the tools, methods, feelings, gratitude, and busting through limiting beliefs have not manifested the pinnacle of your dreams.

As a master manifestor, I have had miracles show up in my life over and over again. I witness daily the proof of my unwavering faith in the magic of the Universe and how it literally rises up to meet me. Yet, the big thing, the pinnacle of my desire, seems as though the evidence of its impending realization has dried up.

I decided it was time to get back to the basics and see if I was missing anything. The long and short of what I found was I am not doing something wrong. I am not out of alignment to my desire; I have visualized it, felt it, turned it over to the Universe, and have even begun to see the evidence of what I wanted showing up. But, I have a very specific custom order. I have a vision and, although I am leaving how it will show up to the Universe, I know it will show up. The simple truth of the matter is that a custom order takes much more time than the off-the-shelf ready to go kind of manifestation.

When we desire to always have a parking space that is available, we never think to ask for a specific spot, yet we always seem to find one waiting for us right near where we want to be. I noticed one day that when I arrived at my son’s school, I always had a spot right by the soccer field – and it was always the same spot. As if it were a lesson in the making, just as I began to expect that specific spot to be available, it wasn’t. In fact, no spots were available and I would end up walking a block wondering what the heck happened, only to find the spot available after I walked the block. I began thinking, “What the heck?” and resigned myself to the idea that maybe the Universe thought I needed some exercise. Now that I look back at it, I can clearly see that the spot was available for me – just not in my desired timing. So how does manifesting a parking spot play in the big picture of being a master manifestor and not letting yourself get frustrated or disappointed in the waiting? Here are a few things you can do to help set up your manifestations and some steps to follow in allowing the unfolding of your desires.

  1. BEFORE you visualize your big desire, decide the following: A. Do the details matter? Do you want that specific job, the one with the corner office with the great view and leather chair that smells like heaven? or B. Do you want a job that achieves the result of that job in the corner office?   If you want the specific job, you got it, but you will likely have to wait longer than you would for a job that is “like” that job. The choice is yours, but go into your visualization with the knowing of your outcome.
  1. If you picked option A, get specific and feel it. Touch it, know it is yours, and know that no matter what you do, you are on the path to the reality of your desire. If you picked option B, be less specific in feeling it. Instead, do not let yourself get fixated on details and feel how good it feels to be in the experience of what you desire.
  1. Believe it can be yours. Whether you picked A or B, know that the Universe will deliver exactly as you desire. If you can’t feel that in your heart, then start looking for limiting beliefs and ask why you feel this might not happen. Working through limiting beliefs in this stage helps you later if what you desire is not showing up as quickly as you wanted.
  1. Let it go! Simply put the universe in charge of making it happen. This is the great part!
  1. Find cool, fun, good feeling things to do in the mean time. While the universe is conspiring on bringing together your every desire, find other things to do. Get creative, start painting, write poetry, take a class, let your life be filled with the things that you have never made time for before.
  1. Relax and decide. If you picked A, hold onto that vision and, if instead of getting the specific desire, another opportunity shows up, relax and decide. Is this good enough or do I want the whole enchilada? Don’t be afraid to take what you can get. The Universe will never say take it or leave it. If you picked B and something shows up that is in alignment to what you desired, say yes! And decide what more you can have out of this experience.
  1. If you picked A, enjoy the process. If it is taking a long time, know that is because every moment of time between here and there is a moment of making that desire exactly as you desire. No look-a-likes, no fakes, no almost-what-you-asked-for. It will be your exact desire and, when it arrives, you will be in the exact place you need to be to receive such an awesome treasure. Remember, it is as easy to manifest a castle as a button, you just believe it takes more time; so give yourself a break and let the process work in the way it’s comfortable to you.

The hardest part of manifesting (creating the reality you desire) is realizing how much easier it is than you think it is.

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