You Have the Answer! It just might not make a lick of sense until it does.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.44.04 AMI don’t know how many times I have heard someone say, “I don’t know what to do.” Even though I consciously try not to say those words, my subconscious has asked the question, “What am I doing wrong?” many times over the last few years. Retiring from advertising and marketing opened doors to dreams I never dared to dream before. The excitement and kinetic energy around creating something new makes me thrive. However, the not knowing exactly what I wanted that dream to be or how it could support me was something I battled with nearly daily. I had created an agency that provided success beyond my or anyone’s belief so I had confidence. I also knew that I had done it in a way that was not recommended – or let’s just say it the way it was: Everyone with a capital E, in the business felt the need to “help” our fledgling agency understand we were doing it all wrong. But, they were wrong. We proved it was possible to make our clients first, to care about their brands and, even more importantly, love the people we worked with and for. We worked with our best friends and had dogs, kids, and craziness in the agency way before it was considered the hip thing for agencies to do. Therefore, I knew it was possible to create a dream that did not entail the path most traveled. What that dream looked like, I was not certain, but I was willing to step forth and follow my passion.
I was inspired to create a program for manifesting amazing relationships, both professionally and personally. Relationships were the core belief of our agency and proved to provide our success. Even though the program generated a lot of interest, I ran into roadblocks as to the profitability. However, in teaching Manifest Your Match I managed to manifest mine only to have him leave my life just as fast as he came in. I became a trainer of Infinite Possibilities (IP) – The Art of Changing Your Life, a program created by Mike Dooley who was featured in the movie The Secret. I taught (IP) in soup kitchens, on soccer fields, to other trainers and learning to become a public speaker. Yet, I could not find a way to substantially support myself with training individuals, so I went after the corporate market. Again, I found roadblocks to the financial means I needed. I learned to coach and helped others discover their path and legacy dreams. I was inspired to create daily messages and support to deal with the working world. Everyday I took a step into a future in which I knew I wanted to live and everyday I learned more and more. But when it came to turning any of it into a business, I ran into more roadblocks.
I often wondered if I should give it all up and get a “safe” job somewhere. I had had offers but each one also had a roadblock. I did not have my degree. I did not want to move. I would have to travel way to much to make it work for my family. What I could not figure out was how one thing after another eluded me from the financial freedom I needed to live the life I wanted rather than just getting by. It felt as if the universe was saying “No! Not this and not that either!” Yet, the interesting thing was every time I would find myself asking, “Well then, what AM I to be doing?” I would clearly hear the inspiration, “Write the book!”
Even though I had written copy for advertising for years, I never considered myself a writer. That was my partner’s job in the agency. Me, I considered myself the vision writer not a copywriter. I would write what the point was for whatever we were producing and how it should feel, its tone; the brand voice and then it would be handed over to the team to finish it off.
Writing a book never seemed like part of my vision, even though for years I had thought about it. Regardless of knowing unless you had a huge platform that the likelihood of making money on a book was slim to nil and I did not have a list of any substantial size I began writing. Why I listened to the voice was only because I did not know what else to do. What I wrote about was what I needed to understand. My journey.
Three months later I finished the manuscript and turned it over to my editor/publisher. Before it was even finished with the editing process I was asked to be on a radio show, and then I began receiving speaking engagements and my message became clear to me. My message to the world is not about relationships, learning to live the life of your dreams, or even how the corporate world should be socially conscious. It is about the journey. It’s about finding the hero within and recognizing our power to write our story. My message speaks to love, kindness, gentleness, strength and service to others. The journey moves us from a life of servitude into the joy of servant leadership.
Recognizing our seeming failures and roadblocks as protective barriers to protect us from thinking small, and having our focus in a place other than our hearts, the roadblocks remind us to look within. They show us we do know what to do – we just forget to listen to our own knowing.  Follow your heart it will never lead you astray.
Over two and a half years there were two things I heard over and over again.
1. Write the book!
2. Think bigger!
Writing the book opened my eyes to possibilities and dreams I never dared to entertain before. The answers were always within. But they did not make a lick a sense until they made total sense. I had forgotten to follow my heart in my dream.
Sometimes our possibilities are so much bigger than our vision, that nothing makes sense except following the answers you receive deep from your heart.
So here is what I invite you to do.
1. Find a way to follow your heart.
2. Think bigger! Roadblocks often make us think smaller – do the opposite. See it as the opportunity to discover what more is there for you.
3. Stand back and watch what opportunities the Universe brings to you – and say YES!!!!

Union was published March 14, 2014 in an eBook. It opened to good sales and great reviews and is selling all over the world.
By the way, every single roadblock has now evaporated into so much more than the possibilities I would have dreamed of. It’s all mine for the choosing now.


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