Catching Yourself!

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 2.25.05 PMWhen the contrast shows up, remember you are creating what you think about.

I have been doing a lot of work with the Law of Creation lately. What this law is showing me is remarkable! Like the Law of Attraction that I have practiced for years, I see the results of what I desire show up effortlessly and easily. However, I have often gotten stuck with the Law of Attraction in the areas of abundance and love.

Despite my ability to manifest trips, money to pay a certain bill, or any other thing that struck my fancy, I would often feel the panic arise when the issue of money came up. Each time I would receive or think about a big bill, I would have to “work” to get my mindset in a place that said, “I am always taken care of and I always have more than I need et cetera, et cetera.” But the annoying part of this was it actually felt like work to do it. I would often get frustrated when I saw the evidence rather than the desire. Abraham Hicks, the clearest channel I know on the subject of the Law of Attraction, always says it is our vibration that the Universe responds to, not the reality. I know my reality says I am okay in the moment, but my vibration is most often aligned with the concept of “is there or will there be enough to pay this when it is due?”

This week I caught myself. When I arrived at my son’s university, I spoke to his admissions counselor and found that, because his insurance information had not yet cleared, I would have to write a check for the University insurance which cost $1,000. per semester. Once our policy had been cleared by the powers that be in another department, I could request a refund or apply it to the next semester. This had not been in my financial plan and I, of course, felt the panic arise of having to cover this unexpected cost. I also had heard from other parents that getting a refund from the University had been a nightmare. I asked, as calmly as I could, if it was necessary that this be paid before my son could start school the following week. The answer, of course, was that he could not start school with this issue unresolved. Instead of letting the fear overtake me, I left the office, looked at my son, and said, “Well they will just have to accommodate us. This is a small university and they will have to figure it out. It’s not our problem; it’s theirs.” It took my son a minute, but he jumped on the idea with me and off we drove, confident that they would, indeed, figure it out.

Without a doubt in my mind, I knew this was not my problem and I was not about to work to manifest money at the last minute that would eventually be returned to me. Instead, I was creating an experience that was exactly as we wanted it to be. We were going to have a great weekend playing in Disney World, having a great time, and we would return the following week with all taken care of. With that decision behind us, we embarked on the rest of our journey. Before we even made it to the highway, the phone rang. It was the admissions department telling my son that they had cleared the fee because it was the university that fell behind in getting our insurance cleared.

With a quick fist bump in celebration, I said, “Do you know why that contrast showed up like that today? It was to remind us that we are creators, not just attractors, so let’s start creating some awesome weather and quick lines and yummy food.” All of which were delivered through our, and Walt Disney’s, imaginations. Total awesomeness!


Photo: Heather Hansen is an enactment artist who is known to make a kinematic drawings with charcoal (remaining ash) by using her hands, feet and whole body. In her studio, she creates huge pictures, paintings and images by using arcs shapes with her body. She does the same even in front of live audiences.

4 thoughts on “Catching Yourself!

  1. This was a PERFECT “tease” piece! You introduced the new concept without giving away too many details. My intent for you is that you will have an abundance of new clients from this post. The beauty of it is: you reached people who ALREADY believe- but are feeling the frustrations themselves and asking “what is next”?
    You are a fucking genius!!!!!!

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