The Law of Creation. You would think it was spring.

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I have several friends who have fallen or are beginning to fall in love. I, myself, have had a chance encounter that I am looking forward to seeing how it unfolds. With so much love going on, you would think it was spring! Each of my friends seems over the moon with the person who has come into their lives. They, in fact, have been savoring each encounter, almost surprised by the deliciousness of every detail they are finding about who has joined them on this part of their adventures in life.

As an observer, I have watched over time as they have actually created the person who has come into their lives. The Law of Creation is different than the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction works by aligning your vibration to that which you want to attract. To bring forth what you want to attract you must release your desire to the universe and wait for the magic to happen. This is the tricky part because how do you release that which you are?

The Law of Creation says: I am that which I create. We are all energy, so nothing is separate from me. When I use my will or intention, I am giving energy a template into which my creation will effortlessly be filled.

An important part about getting the Law of Creation to work for you is actually deciding exactly what you want – actually seeing it in detail as an artist would. Michelangelo already knew exactly what David would look like when he began chipping away the huge chunk of marble that held David somewhere inside. In order to know exactly what he looked like, Michelangelo made many sketches and studies.

Most of us don’t really know what we want, so when we enact the Law of Creation, we receive lots of “samples” from which to choose. For instance, one of my friends has been dating here and there. She found several men and she liked certain qualities of each, but none of them were the whole package. After spending time with each of them, rather than picking them apart for what they were not, she chose to see what they were. “Yes, I like this part, and I like that from that man, and, if I added a bit of this other man’s qualities then, he, “the one” would be perfect.” Guess what she got. A mixture of all four men she liked, in just the right amount of each.

Another friend was debating two totally different types of people in which she was interested. For nearly a year, she has been going back and forth trying to decide what she wanted. So what did she create? Two, totally different relationships, each representing one of the things she desired. With the choices in living color, it became quite clear to her what she now wants.

We are living in a quantum field of possibilities and as we allow the possibilities to present themselves with appreciation, we allow more and more to come to us as we clarify our focus on our desires. I hope you are creating your dream come true. And remember to relax and enjoy the samples!


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