Quelle langue parlez-vous? Understanding the Science of the Law of Creation.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.28.55 AMWe are one. We have all heard that, but what does it really mean? How is it that we can exist as being one, rather than just understanding that we are one? Science can prove that we are one simply because we are all made of energy, but until we actually experience oneness, rather than separation, we cannot truly grasp what it means.

In my very early years of seeking understanding of what seemed to be there, but not there (meaning what was beyond my five senses), I was given the book Illusions by my ninth grade English teacher. I remember the take-away from the book the first time I read it. Ask any question, open the closest book or newspaper and your answer will be before you. This method of question and answer became the way I navigated life for twenty plus years. This process became flawless to me. Then one day, about eight years ago, I was in the car leaving my street on a fall afternoon when I noticed the leaves on the trees turning as I drove past them. I don’t know if you have ever seen leaves turn just before the rain comes but this particular day there was no threat of rain. I was happy, actually beyond happy, and the afternoon was lit with a golden fall light that soaks into your skin and wraps you in warmth. This day, I felt as if the leaves were turning as if to honor my joy.

A few minutes later, I was in a familiar place on the side of a soccer field watching my sons practice when I began to notice the landscape of the clouds. That afternoon, it felt as if the clouds were there just to entertain me, shape shifting from one animal to the next and back again. For some reason, I had the idea to ask the clouds out loud, “Are you doing this just for me?” Within a minute, I kid you not, a folded hand with a thumb up appeared in the sky. I remember looking around wondering if anyone else was noticing what was happening, but no one else was around other than a field full of sweaty boys focused on a soccer ball.

That is how it began. I realized that the universe is constantly speaking to us in any way we are willing to listen; in any language we can understand. Clouds, animals, signs, people, Facebook notes posted at just the right time, repeating numbers, and whispers in our ears.

I’m currently taking an emergent-based French class in college and I have noticed I can easily understand what is being said when I am fully present in the moment. But on the days I walk into class distracted with other things on my mind, I feel as though I don’t know a single word anyone is saying. This is how it is when we are fully present with each individual we encounter. When we are fully present to the moment, we find the connection – the oneness – that we all have and are, but when we are distracted with our own lives, we feel we are speaking different languages. When you are distracted, you are separated from the oneness we are together.

The science of one is simply staying in the present moment and allowing a new language to speak to you.

What language do you speak?



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