3 Troublesome Truths Single Men and Women Need to Know to Avoid the Aggravation, Lack of Fulfillment and Frustration of Dating and Finding True LOVE.

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I love the Law of Attraction! For years and years I manifested incredible things, the car I always wanted, the perfect house, an amazing career, and of course, a perfect parking space everywhere I went. I manifested all the THINGS I wanted but, what I wanted most in the world, a deeply connected, soulful relationship always eluded me. That is until I learned the three troublesome truths that had kept me focused on my career and stuck in unfulfilling relationships instead of creating the LOVE I truly desired and DESERVED. If you have not found the love you desire, a meaningful, fulfilling relationship, then keep reading, this message is for you! These three truths will change everything. They may seem simple, but they are not. That is because we have been programmed in our thinking for so long we don’t notice what we are doing wrong. This is not about game playing or changing who you are, it’s about creating a relationship that is perfect just for you!


Truth #3 Your Thinking Is All Wrong!

There are amazing men and women out there! I promise! The good ones are not all gone! In fact everyone out there is pretty amazing – you just have to change your thinking about the one that will amaze you! Tip #1: Any baggage they are carrying around does not have to become yours to store.

Truth #2 Your Beliefs Are in a Battle with Your Heart’s Desire!

The rules have changed! It’s not about just surviving with someone anymore; we want connection, meaning, trust, passion and a cheerleader by our side. We want different kinds of relationships now, but our belief systems were installed with old, traditional templates. We need to revaluate and update our belief system and create a template for love and relationships in a new world.


We are all energy and energy responds to our will – what are you sitting around waiting for? That which you create in energy will manifest into physical.

“Our intention creates our reality” ~ Wayne Dyer

Want to learn MORE?

 Join me, Kimberly Powers as I teach


You will learn how to change your thinking by Quantum-ifying it! 


If you love Abraham Hicks you will love how we will get to play with our

thoughts and beliefs about love. 


You will leave with a new belief template to create, have and enjoy

the exact relationship you desire and deserve! 


AND you will awaken to the conscious creator within through learning the Law of Creation.


For too long, those of us on the leading edge have chosen to settle, dabbled and given up, or gone it alone finding more peace alone than facing dating sites, bad dates, and insane relationships. We have given away too much of ourselves to waste our time any more. Our time is precious, our energy is valuable and our hearts are priceless. No one deserves imbalanced relationships and EVERYONE deserves the relationship and LOVE they desire.

I am a spiritual coach for private clients from around the world and I have mastered the teaching of these three truths that are the beginning to capturing your creator consciousness. My clients pay $100. an hour for my coaching. I will share everything I teach my clients about Manifesting their Match. You will have plenty of “aha!” moments and you will laugh and have fun along the way. But most importantly you will learn how to quick start creating the relationship you desire. As the author of Union ~ Soulmates, Twin Flames and the Union of One, on my personal journey to understand relationships of all kinds, I am often asked if there is someone out there for EVERYONE. The answer is always yes. Are you READY to find your ONE?


It’s a calling every one of us feels. And once you learn the three troublesome truths single men and women need to know to avoid the aggravation, lack of fulfillment and frustration of dating and finding true LOVE you will be set free to do just that – LiveInLove.

I am offering this class for FREE because every man and woman needs to know that it is not only possible to have the love they want, but it’s waiting for them!

And we all know the more love we have in the world the better our world will be.

Seats are limited to 50, so please RSVP now and reserve your opportunity to learn these game-changing truths. Invite your friends, single or not, because what they will learn will help every relationship! BTW older teens are very welcome, too! (I wish I knew these truths when I was their age!)


SATURDAY November 22, 2014

3:30-5:30 pm 

RSVP by leaving a comment below 

OR  by clicking —> Email and reply with a YES! and we will save your seat!

Page Field Airport Base Operations Building, 2nd floor conf. room

5200 Captain Channing Page Dr

Fort Myers, FL 33907


For more information about Kimberly visit www.InsightOnTheWeb.com

If you are unable to make this workshop email to the RSVP above and we will we will send you a notification of the next Manifest Your Match LIVE and ONLINE events.

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