Coming Out of The Consciousn​ess Closet. You May Just Be Normal After All ©Twentieth Century Fox
©Twentieth Century Fox

Hello Consciousness Creators!!!! I am so THANKFUL you are here!!! You have no idea how long I have been waiting to play with you.

Last night, a friend posted an article from the written by Dianne Collins author of Do You Quantum Think? The name of the article is, “There’s a New Mainstream Out There — and You’re Probably Part of It.” In the article, she speaks to the New Mainstream. She calls them The Consciousness Crowd. Collins explains that this set of New Mainstreamers do not fit any demographics or psychographics matrices used for determining marketing strategy and policy making. She says that what this New Mainstream is looking for is a NEW Point of View.

Many of you may already know that I met a very special man. Meeting him was a part of a spiritual journey (quest) I wrote about in my book called Union. His name is Michael. He was the first person I met that liked to play with me in a very conscious state of being. Michael talked about the most important thing we have-our Point of View. Collins speaks to this idea, “The New Mainstream craves conscious conversations beyond political diatribes, fear-based marketing, glamorization of disease and drugs, religious hypocrisy, and limited either/or opinions posing as thinking.”

I call this new point of view TRUTH! We are using our instincts to recognize TRUTH. We are too knowledgeable, too aware, too connected to not see things that are pure illusion. We are no longer buying into positioning, posturing, and framing of agenda-filled rhetoric. We are over it!

Years ago, I coined a term-the Age of Radical Awareness. What is the Age of Radical Awareness? It’s the tipping point. The point when our consciousness is guiding us rather than a determined set of “Best Practices.” It is the point where our instincts guide us in our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. It’s the point at which we say, “Wait a minute, this is not working anymore. There has to be a better way. And that better way is not going to be found in the way we have always done things. Or the way an expert says it has to be done. It’s not going to be found through fear or strategy and it’s time for a new TRUTH.” We are starting to trust our instincts about outside influences. This is a time where we are starting to trust our feelings, to be guided by consciousness, rather than stuffing away our innate truth detectors and relying on logical answer given to us by leaders, teachers, parents, scientists, and the like. We are stepping forward and demanding transparency, inclusiveness, and cooperation. We finally realize it is not radical to voice our instincts and natural desire for kindness and equality – it’s normal.

For years, I tried so hard to be “normal.” To me, normal was someone who could separate business and personal truths. Normal was attracting a mate by behaving the way men would expect me to. Normal was someone who could shut off my gut feelings and just get along. However, I was not very successful in my desire to be normal. I ended up in one of two situations; I either withdrew or I became a leader. In my professional world, I became a leader, starting and running my own successful agency for seventeen years – and I did not follow the “rules” of business.  In my personal life, I more or less withdrew and became a dedicated mom of two young boys that grew into amazing young men but that left me feeling very alone, out of sync and definetly not normal.

I was stuck in this in-between place for years…that is, until I came out of the spiritual closet. I began to let my consciousness, not my head, guide me. I started teaching the power of our thoughts over our lives to folks in soup kitchens and to teenagers on soccer fields. The results astounded me and the desire of my students to know more blew me away. There were people, like me, who wanted to know new truths.

Next, I wrote a book about how I used the power of creating to create a relationship I always desired. Publishing it made me more public then I believed I was ready to be. But, I was more ready for it then I believed. Within days of sending my book into cyber space I began receiving messages from around the world. Others had experienced much of what I had in my spiritual journey. Others were seeking someone who could understand and help them navigate this new world to which they were awakening. Conversation after conversation became about people’s desire to feel happy again and to answer a higher calling that they felt was propelling them forward. They were looking for new truths too.

We are the New Mainstream. We have awakened to TRUTH, HAPPINESS, JOY, AND ALL THE OTHER GOOD THINGS WE KNOW should be our guiding principles. We are the new Point of View. It’s time we start trusting ourselves and when we do, we will meet others like us and we will play in a new consciousness, one that will radically bring awareness to a new age of Mainstream.

We are the normal ones now! It’s time to own who we are and how we choose to live! Welcome! So glad you are here!

LiveInLove, Kimberly

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