A Message for the Coming Year Channeled by Kimberly Powers

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.07.15 PMI am so excited to share with all of you some of my latest work. Many of you know that I am tuned in and tapped in as Abraham Hicks says. Recently my publisher Light Technology Publishing asked for me to contribute to the yearly Predictions issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine. I was honored, a little intimidated but the results have astounded me. Arch Angel Gabriel first contacted me in 2008 and told me I was to write many books. He told me I would transcribe many messages and release in them in the order in which they would need to come. I told him he had the wrong gal. LOL After all I was not a writer and I had pretended for many years that I did not “hear” things others could not. I was a bit afraid of being put in a padded room. 🙂 He was right thought and as a channel the distinctions of vocabulary, tone, mood and messages that comes through are amazing. I have never formally written messages I receive so I was not sure of the clarity of what I was receiving until my publisher read them. The Sedona Journal works with many who channel. I was honored to be invited by the publication to be a monthly messenger after they read my submissions for the Predictions issue. Each month I can feel the anticipation of the coming messages. It is one of my greatest joys now to open myself for the love and support the angels, ascended masters and benevelent beings wish to share with us at this time.

Two people I love dearly have recently written books through being an open channel. Mike Dooley’s most recent book, The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU published by Hay House and Tracy Farquhar. Tracy is a psychic medium who wrote channeled messages she calls Frank Talk. Frank is a spirit collective from another world channeled by Tracy. They have been sharing inspirational and uplifting messages since 2009 and her book, Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom will be released very soon.

Below are the Predictions for the Sedona Journal

AA Gabriel transcribed through Kimberly Powers October 8th 2014.

Beloved ones, now is a time that will feel frightening. But know that you are held in eternal love, and we see you in your purest form of light. You’re bursting with your divinity, and our view of its radiance is beyond what has been know before. The fear some of you are holding on to will just heighten the experience of elation when you recognize your abilities. [Gabriel is showing me the image of a child on a bike. The feeling is of mixed elation and terror of crashing, yet the bike is steadied by someone who loves the child deeply and knows the joy of the freedom to find balance.]

This year, you will recognize that your will manifests quickly. That which you think about will show up rapidly. Do not be afraid of the responsibility of this. It has always been true, but now you are recognizing it more quickly. You will first recognize this in simple things, but it is happening on the bigger picture just as rapidly. Pay attention, because you are more powerful now than you have ever been.

The waiting neutral time of 2014 gave you time to adjust. Most of you emptied out that which needed clearing, healing, and releasing, and we have assisted you to have clarity in that which you truly desire. We were able to make our assistance known and participate more fully with the emerging leaders of this time, and as all of you recognize your abilities, we will be more able to be fully present with you as well. We encourage you to play, see the fun, and embrace the effortlessness of ease and joy. It is in this space of playfulness that your desires will manifest at a rapidness that is much like our abilities. The density and struggle are only in your thinking now. There is great importance now in your intention. Your intention is your will. Recognize you are All That Is, and move from “I am love, and I am successful” into “I am All There Is”; see the truth of the oneness that all things are, and recognize from that perspective your “I will” power.

To Read the full article/Channeling visit Predictions 2015 & Beyond Sedona Journal of Emergence to subscribe.

This is a sneak peek at AA Raphael’s message for the year 2015.

We are holding you – 2015 will be a frightening year for many people. The cycle you are in which began moving in forward motion at the end of 2013 is intensifying. Those of you who know your power will have much work to do holding peace and reminding others of their power to create. It is no longer the few who are able to create but everyone. Remind them it is supposed to be fun and a joyful experience that is physical. They are able to participate in unique experiences that are not available in our form. Many will recognize their thoughts instantly manifesting into their reality and those who are awakened will become concerned for the responsibility of their creations while those who are not awakened will be creating less desirable experiences just as effortlessly.

LiveInLove, Kimberly

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