When the student is ready the teacher appears.

Kimberly Powers, Master teacher offer three life changing programs to awaken you… What more life has to offer for you.

Are You Ready?

Program #1  The Law of Creation – Expanding beyond the Law of Attraction talk

20140410_192907Experience, joy, expansion – the resonance with who you really are.

Are you ready to learn what lies beyond the Law of Attraction? Release creative blocks, witness the power of the Law of Creation and integrate your new creative brilliance.

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Program #2 The Right Brain Renaissance™ Weekend

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.59.31 PM


The Right Brain Renaissance™ weekend will change your life. Find your missing power, allow us to reveal what you have been searching for. Master teacher, Kimberly will guide you to a new level of manifestation, actualizing all that has alluded you…. Answering the question~ And what more?

This is not about thinking positively, this is not about your ability to attract of act “as if”. The Right Brain Renaissance gives you the Answer, a clear, concise method to all you can imagine.

This is unique, brand-new, leading edge- over the course of this weekend you will be given the techniques and understanding to become a conscious creator. Discover your Power…



Program #3  The Art and Science of Becoming Mastery Program and Retreat

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 2.25.05 PM


The Art and Science of Becoming Mastery Program is unparalleled, it is the initiation, allowing the emergence of YOU. The process is facilitated by master teacher’s devoted to uplifting humanity through creativity, wisdom and love.

Kimberly – with her Fire and Passion will lead you with clarity and vision as her master tribe of teachers will guide you to recognize and know your truth. Through alchemy you will remember and know the depths of your creationary power, the full consciousness of you as Creator.

This program is one of it’s kind in the world. Made available to you as an exclusive 30 day opportunity. The select few who are ready for a mastery level program of this caliber will be guided to come together within this intimate experience.

This is not coaching, it is not therapy or counseling nor is it intended for those not yet ready to be transformed in such a life altering way.

Through the process of 3 weekly private sessions you will be prepared to receive sacred knowledge, contemporary wisdom, and an ennobling fire ritual culminating with a mastery immersion during an incredible 4-day weekend retreat.

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If you would like to find out more about these programs and the dates they are available please sign up to follow our blog or send us a message. We look forward to spending time with you. Much love, Kimberly and Paige

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