Who We Are

 And What More, INC.

Kimberly Powers and her company are dedicated to expanding the leading edge of New Though and Spiritual living in everyday life.

Our clients are leaders, teachers, messengers, and soul filled seekers of Truth and happiness. Our core foundation stands firmly in complete knowing we are designed to thrive, to live life to the fullest, the most delicious experience we can imagine. It is our intention to teach all we have been given… the wisdom and knowledge to releasing our problems and fully allow passion to ignite new solutions.

Our principles are far from new; they are the extensions of the magnificent work set forth by by those we deeply admire. Albert Einstein, Richard Bach, Jerry, Ester and Abraham, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Joseph Campbell, Tony Robinson, Mike Dooley and so many more. These awakened, modern-day pioneers set forth to awaken the consciousness of all humanity to its constant, unfolding evolution.

It is our honor and purpose to guide you to what more has been waiting for you. Our passion to ignite the remembrance and ease of pure joy. It is our unyielding expectation that you will liveinlove with the life you create, discovering the delightful treasures every moment can offer. It is our powerful knowing that you have come forth to create beyond the leading edge, we see who you are and the legacy you will leave.


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About US

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Kimberly Powers

About Me

I am a fearless seeker of truth and wisdom, fire and passion. I follow only the rules of natural order and the Universe. In letting go of the illusions that surround us we are set free to find that which we truly are. My purpose is to teach you and ignite the power of your will over the elements of the universe. Choosing what most fully satisfies you and releasing all that does not serve you, you are free to fully embrace that which you truly are – a creator of your reality. You are able to have, to be, or to do anything imaginable or not yet imagined.

I am a translator bringing sacred knowledge of the Law of Creation into the modern world; streaming the consciousness of creation and igniting the infinite potential within those I teaches and guide. It is my wish for you to accept the invitation, to stand on the leading edge and join the conscious creators who are expanding all that which has come before.

I illuminate the path of your divine propose.

Within each individual is an innate goodness wanting to serve humanity and live in love of all things. The way in which we serve is as unique and special as our fingerprint, each life designed to serve the highest good.

I am an alchemist of energy into reality.

What if you knew how effortless, joyful and playful your life could be if you fully became aware of your complete power to will the universe at your discretion? Would you trade all that you have been taught before and welcome your divine right to create with quantum potential?

I found my ultimate freedom through my creative instincts. I founded and lead Insight Strategies, Inc. an international award-winning advertising agency. Authoring two books, Union – The Journey of an Awakening Soul and The Answer – The Law of Creation and contributing articles to multiple online and print publications worldwide I have found more effortlessness and more joy in each creation.

As a highly interactive, motivational speaker and founder of #LiveInLove movement I have taught thousands the power we hold within to create lives of our choosing.

My lifeline is my tribe… brilliant creators and two strong successful young men that are my sons and illuminators in their generation. Together we live in Fort Myers, FL with a heard of furry creatures.






About Our Team ~ The Diamond Collection 

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Caresse VanPelt

Caresse is our artist extraordinaire
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Mindy La Croix

Mindy is our business mastermind.

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