Our Tribe

 Who I Serve ~ Our Tribe

I know you… I see you and I can’t wait to welcome you to the tribe. 

Change Makers/ Trailblazers

Clarity is your gift- you know without question you are not like others. You see, feel, and know “things” that cannot be easily explained with words. Powerfully aware of pathways and solutions, you seek to simplify the complexities created by old templates and outdated views of reality. You are intuitive, a multi-dimensional thinker. Ideas and inspiration flow to you effortlessly.

You are a creator of the new world~ one of equality, peace and justice.

Healers/ Lightworkers

You are beyond compassionate, feely deeply the plight of others. Seeking to restore and balance body, mind & spirit. Others seek your innate healing abilities. You recognize number sequences and are magnetically drawn to their significance. You feel an urgency to understand WHO you are in the world.

Your gift is your Light. You are consciousness of the good of mankind.

Masterminds/ Influencers

You have gained mastery in your world of influence. You are a leader, possessing strength and drive beyond those around you. Your power comes from a unique skill set and expertise, a gift people feel undeniably in your presence. You seek to break the glass ceilings left behind, determined to live with passion and purpose, always uplifting all who are ready to reach for more.

You are a creator of change and movement, seeing infinite possibilities.

Teslas/ Inventors

You have come with a higher calling, an innate knowing. You intrinsically understand how to use reality as a catalyst, boldly venturing into uncharted territory. Creation is your gift, seeking in assured brilliance your greatest potential for expression. You are ready to serve humanity in unprecedented ways.

You are a creator of new realities and presenter of new technologies.

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