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The Art and Science of Becoming Mastery Program and Retreat

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The Art and Science of Becoming Mastery Program is unparalleled, it is the initiation, allowing the emergence of YOU. The process is facilitated by master teacher, Kimberly Powers devoted to uplifting humanity through creativity, wisdom and love.

Kimberly’s Fire and Passion will lead you with clarity and vision. Her tribe of master teacher will ignite in you your truth. Through alchemy you will know the depths of your creationary power, the full consciousness of you as Creator.

This program is one of it’s kind in the world. Made available to you as an exclusive 30 day opportunity. The select few who are ready for a mastery level program of this caliber will be guided to come together within this intimate experience.

This is not coaching, it is not therapy or counseling nor is it intended for those not yet ready to be transformed in such a life altering way.

Through the process of 3 weekly private sessions you will be prepared to receive sacred knowledge, contemporary wisdom, and an ennobling fire ritual culminating with a mastery immersion during an incredible 4-day weekend retreat.

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Become what?


One who knows.


Knows what?

Knows Love.

What does love have to do with anything?


It is the answer to all questions.

What are the questions?


Who am I,

what is my purpose,

will I know love,

will I make a million dollars and

any other questions you may wonder?

Through this lifetime you have become distracted by all that surrounds you; your careers, your family, your successes, your finances, the news of the day and the problems of tomorrow.

The answers to the questions you have been asking are not satisfying nor will they ever be. How can you even ask for an answer when you are only asking questions that are leading you into further distraction?

When you remain unaware of who you created yourself to be, your questions only serves to keep you stagnant within a cycle of distraction, and keep you from the essence of who you really are -love.


“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems form a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”
– Albert Einstein.


The solutions lies within learning the nature of who you are, which will change the nature of your questions.

Once you know, all else falls into place and your questions come forth through love.

When questions come from love, they are answered though the wisdom of who you are as a creator and there fore are imbued with the power to change the world.

Anything less has no true value. No purpose.

The Art and Science of Becoming is the only program designed to change everything.



It is intended for those who are willing to be the leading edge.

Those ready to lead humanity to in new ways, the Change Makers, Masterminds and Teslas ~ Creators seeking their missing piece.


This Mastery Program will reveal all you are and illuminate that which you could become.

Your path will appear

You will receive clarity

You will become a conscious creator

You will attain the knowledge of fulfillment

You will be ignited to live a life of passion.

You will learn the essence of who you are

You will be released to live in love


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The Art and Science of Becoming Mastery Program 2016.

Applications are now being accepted.

Interviews will begin 2, 22, 2015

When the student is ready a teacher will appear . ~ unknown


The Art & Science of Becoming Mastery RETREAT ….

The magnificent and natural beauty of Florida’s Gulf Coast will excite your senses.  You will be ensconced in vibrant energy, a multi-faceted, cultural community with an international vibe.  With world-class beaches, renowned for their crystal-white, fine sands and breathtaking sunsets, you will be absorbed into the magic.
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From the moment of your arrival, you will experience the anticipation and power of your new tribe (limited to 28 participants) awakening, ravenous for expansion and hungering for more.  This is your time to step out of the current stream of your life and dive deeply into the depths of love, Truth, integrity and wisdom~ that which is calling to you.
In a protective space without the monotony of everyday life:  eat deliciously, drink deeply, connect authentically, create consciously, release, receive and celebrate through ennobling rituals then fall asleep satiated with life.  Awaken with awareness and clarity.
the training ~ Prepreation 
Once accepted into the art & science program, a focus session will be scheduled to assure the most precise individualized preparation for your experience.  A package will soon arrive directly to you, the contents chosen specifically to enliven and intrigue you.  Clear directions will advise you how to proceed.  Over the following two weeks, we will provide catalyzing exercises, guidance, and rousing insight to further prepare you.  Mastery awaits… your training bringing you to a precipice.
the mastery ~ Retreat
This four day event will support you to get clear.
the rituals ~ Evolution
You will be stirred, stripping away all you have believed, taking you to the threshold of awareness.
You will clarify the core of who you are.  You will understand your unique energy signature on the planet today.
You will use the essence of who you are to illuminate the world in the most joyful way of your choosing.  Feeling the “Yesness!” of life.  The ignition you will receive will allow you to step into all you have created as you return home.
You will have become a master and welcomed into a select Collective of few.
the schedule ~ 4 days
Thursday <just bones here>
Arrival-  Receive a dispatch and commence your journey
Enjoy, Indulge, Relax
8-10pm Cocktail Reception & Welcome


The natural beauty of Sanibel Island on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, playing in union with other masters creators all awakening your quantum consciousness will intrensically change everything. From this 30 day transformational program you will become anointed with Love and on fire with the power of your WILL.

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“To whom much is given, much will be required” ~ Luke 12:48


 The Art and Science of Becoming – Mastery Program

Investment $4,800.

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