The Diamond Collective

The Diamond Collective

In 2010, I was given the name of a collective that called itself The Diamond Collective. Together, Paige and I planted the seeds unsure where the unique stream of counsciousness would take us.

The Diamond Collective is a creative consciousness focus-point, I can choose to expand into nearly instantly, allowing me to create endlessly. The collective has been inspiring me throughout my creative career. In the past, I had to get into “a zone of quieting my mind” to access it. Sometimes answers would start flooding in without my control and I would have to stop everything to allow it or I would miss it – knowing I just missed a bit of genius.

The Diamond Collective is the greatest part of me, of you, of us. I am honored to bring the Collective forth to communicate directly with you. It is our hope the Diamond Collective inspires you, as it has us.

13 thoughts on “The Diamond Collective

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  2. Hi Kimberly, I just finished your book. I was so afraid he would run… and he did. I just finished the same experience, though I had no clue what was going on until it was all over. Doing research I am forced to awknowledge, that we as women have had no training in this phenonmenon, thus the runners. My own mistakes were feeling so happy and comfortable with this like minded soul, I forgot (in retrospect) to remember this was a full grown man/masculine energy. I felt over confident in doling out my spiritual adventures and expertise, I forgot to be the chalice. I was the teacher. Oh brother, big mistake, that I now see. We modern women have forgotten that ancient rules, and we’ll be having runners until we tune into what is required of us, before we blow it! The men are very good at holding their own place. The option that is left for you and me is remembering we women are actually here to heal the men. You say Mike has a brain injury and is no longer matching your vibrational frequency. Maybe your work along is to quietly, modestly, heal him. Can you heal that brain injury? Can you learn light language healing and send it long distance to him? Can you be content working with him at a very intense higher level for both of your healing? Learn dowsing, tap in and see what needs to happen, or find a good dowser to help you. Don’t give up because the circumstance got seemingly impossible, maybe that was your test. To step forward in a new way of seeing the power of the twin flame relationship, beyond the romantic fairy tale.

    • Hi Vicki,
      Thank you for the comment! I am so sorry you experienced the loss of your Twin Flame but I am so happy you connected with the Energy of your Twin and got to experience it in physical form. Each of us that come together are adding so much love to the collective that soon (that is relative of course :)) we ill all have relationships that are soul relationships. Remaining as a chalice – receptive energy – is our work in these relationships. The romantic fairy tale is certainly not what these relationships are about – they are so much more beyond romance that they are nearly indescribable in our language. You gave me such an ah ha moment when you asked if I could heal him. I often do this work with my clients but at the time it never occurred to me to work with him in that way. I think that is because I was unaware of the issue and once I found out I could no longer connect to him as specific energy. However, I do feel that twin energy again and realize your message at this time is to remind me that I have the power to do this for both of us allowing us to come together. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing how your journey continues. Sending you so much love! Kimberly

      • Thank you so much for answering me. Can’t spell! More realizations… I believe our mission, as women, is to look at all the templates that our flame is manifesting for you to see and heal. Of course we need to look at ourselves but we can start with the obvious. First, it seem there is a cultural difference. You might see soul group templates of alcoholism, late marriage in men in Ireland , mother and son, father and son, sister and brother claiming, lack of enough, how to provide,sense of failure, heirs, ex-relationship cording. These would be hard to clear on your own if you were Irish because you wouldn’t see them. So maybe the soul group work is for you-Kimberly to start. Being American and a woman- is a gift…. you know these outdated templates are destructive and have to go. Also, you are in a position to instruct women on the mission. One of the ways I have been clearing the soul group is to write the issue at the top of a piece of paper. Tune into guidance and start writing quickly shorthand type symbols that only have the feeling of love and what you want to clear behind them. You will not intellectually know what each symbol means or if any of what you have done/written will help.(Light Language) But you can do an experiment. Pick something on yourself that you know you would notice if this system is working for you. When you get results–forge ahead to the big stuff Michael is waiting for.! LV Vicki Brain injury?

  3. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this – but I could do with some advice!
    Eleven years ago a friend pointed at two men sitting across the cafeteria we had lunch at. They were police officers. Somehow I instantly got a crush on the smaller one.
    This went on for some years. I didn’t think much about it – I’m married, had two children in between – but when I returned to work I saw him again and thought: oh, there he is! He is very handsome, cool and arrogant, so I never thought he would recognize me at all.
    I’ve been using the lunch break to get some writing done. One year ago he walked by my table, tilted his had and smiled at me! I felt the impact of his smile through my whole body.
    I started to give him the eye and one day he said “hello”. This went on for some months. I tried talking to him, but either of us seemed to be to shy. I always hyperventilated when I was standing close to him.
    Then, one day, I said hello and smiled and he didn’t answer and looked at me as if I was a suspect or something ugly. I was devastated. Tried to ignore him, but couldn’t.
    I always knew before meeting him, some telepathy-thing. And this is where it got really weird. Some times I would receive feelings and thoughts that were not mine but his’! When he looked me in the eyes – a lot of eye contact going on there – I felt he could see inside me. And when I saw him I felt a shift in my solar plexus and somehow I was complete.
    I was thinking about him all the time. I wanted to get back my focus. There was an instant when I could align with my artistic work again. Then I knew I had to do something. So I texted him. First he thought I was somebody else. Then he didn’t know who I was. This was quite humiliating. But we kept on. He could have stopped answering at least five times, but he was very persistent. This was the first time I met somebody as persistent as myself. I always felt strange about this quality but seeing it mirrored by him was very touching. After some days I couldn’t take it any more and stopped. Started again ten days later, but he held back. I still don’t know if he is put off because I’m married or if he is “not into me” anyway. He seems to be distrustful and controlling. He “told” me he isn’t interested in a relationship with anyone.
    If this was a “normal” crush I hope I would “get it” by now and move on. But after the first series of texting I stumbled over the concept of “soul mates” and “twin flames”. Did quite a lot of reading and I think he might be my twin flame. I can’t stop thinking about him.
    Saw him only once since then. I think he avoided me. Can’t feel him any more. But I had a big kind of Déjà-vu recently. I can’t remember it on all levels, but the gist was that I have to give him up and he will “return”. I started dreaming about him.
    Do you think he might be my twin? Is it possible that he doesn’t feel it? Is he running? What can I do?

    • Is it possible that he could be your Twin Flame? Yes, it is very possible. It is also possible he does not recognize it. However, the purpose of meeting our Twin Flame is assist us to see a reflection of our souls. They are our reflection of within. There for, these relationships are “intense” because we are seeing things in them that are also within us. The feeling of not getting him off you mind is because you are needing to look at what he is showing you. When you look within can you see how you are distrustful and controlling as you can see the reflection of persistent? The work you can do is to begin to embrace and love your self for the things you see in him such as mistrust. Their is a reason you may be mistrusting but once you recognize that and love your self for what it provided you (safety, awareness or what ever) you can move beyond being that. (This is often referred to as shadow work) As you release those things that hold you back you will evolve further in your awareness. 🙂 Twins are showing us how to be loving to ourself. They are not intended to end current relationships just to show us who we are. Sending you so much love! Kimberly

  4. Irene, you mentioned there was an “instant” when you could connect with your art work again. He aligned you and corrected something in your solar plexus for this to happen. Possibly part of your mission is to heal that part of yourself so you can hold the energy in your solar plexus to continue to do your art work in joy, confidence, and strength. Use the art connection as inspiration and a inner gift to the both of you, ( a creative outlet) and release it to go where it needs to go. Maybe there is something in your art, if expressed will bring a healing to those that need it.

  5. Dear Kimberly, I just finished your book and want to thank you for sharing your personal story. I, like Vicki, came here to suggest that God certainly is able to heal Michael through your love for him. Not “maybe,” not “possibly,” not “probably,” not “perhaps”–Michael WILL be healed if you believe that it can happen. This is precisely what Twin Flame relationships are all about–busting up old limited beliefs. Divine love can heal ANY illness/injury/disorder, no matter how severe or permanent it appears to be. My own Twin Flame experience woke me up to this and other truths–and that is putting it mildly since it was more like having my head beat against a wall. Yes, I know my Twin and he is running (in a circle right back to me in perfect timing). After our split, I began receiving very clear signs from the divine on a daily basis. They come on a can’t-miss basis as my guides mark them with a particular symbol (an animal that was my “pet name” for my Twin), and it is in no way a “coincidence” that I see this symbol/word up to 10 times every day, for four years now, with spiritual messages. They come in book passages, song lyrics, billboards, movie scripts, online articles, overheard conversations, and most significantly in universally themed stories based in mythology. I am never, ever looking for them but instead happen upon them throughout the course of my usual activities…and I’ve documented them all. It is an intelligent communication through Holy Spirit that has shown me, well, everything that Jesus taught but in a way that few people understand. In addition to my “God school” lessons and personal guidance, these messages also show me many issues in our society that need to be corrected, such as our financial institutions, fuel industry, education system, pharmaceutical sales, etc. They have also highlighted many truths about 9/11, and that brings me to this: I feel compelled to point out to you to pay attention to the metaphors. I know you’re already aware of the reflections that this world brings and it is no small synchronicity that your separation from Michael happened in direct correlation to the toppling of the TWIN Towers. Heaven on Earth is closer than you think…. Much love to you, Kelly

  6. Hi Kimberly, ….so I have been working hard to clear templates for my TF. Yes, I know I have BIG ones to clear too. I use intention, clearing with guides, vibrational remedies, and believe it or not I follow along with dowsing and tarot. Not very scientific but the proof is in the pudding! It was very difficult to connect with him at this level and I sensed major energy blocking him. I did a clearing on that female energy that was doing this. A week later I saw (through the tarot) he had cleared something. I checked again and saw he was happy about a creative project, I checked his website which had been long neglected and it was filled with new energy and now quite advanced! I would say the work made a difference. Now I am back to working on me and my soul group templates. The remedies I made were for 1) Twin Flame Grief-Empty and 2)Childhood Abuse on every level. Thanks for hearing me Kimberly, no one around me even has an inkling what this is.


    • Vicki,
      We are on the leading edge of bring this kind of love and relationship to the world. Your instinct on what needs to be done proves that this is natural and part of who we truly are. Always follow your own knowing 🙂 I wrote Union because there was so little out there on the experience I had and I wanted to be a voice that said, yes – this is real, and yes, you are not alone. Thank you for sharing and keep sharing there are more of us out there experiencing this magical transformation. Sending you so much love!

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