Right Brain Renaissance™

Right Brain Renaissance™

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Right Brain Renaissance is the process in which you learn to master the the Law of Creation. Through this process you become the creative of your creation.

What is it to be a creative?

Creativity is actually instinctual. Being creative is built into our DNA. It actually took training to keep you from the natural desire to create and explore. But all of that training can be undone; all of that fear of the unknown can be eradicated; all the “right way” to do something judgment can be released; and the reckless uncertainty can become trustworthy in its pure brilliance.

The freedom you will find in your life when you embrace your creative right brain will fill you with enormous relief and lust for life. You will be able to breathe, let go, relax, and be the proverbial quintessential “just be” that everyone is always talking about.


Becoming a creative is the best ACTION step you can do to make your dreams come true. tweet @#LiveInLove

To be a creative is to be free, released from all left brain barriers. You know the expectations that tell us what should, could, is, are, likely, and what is expected to happen. To be a creative is limitless. To be a creative is to learn on the way to your answer with an open mind. To be a creative is to see infinity and dive deep into the possibility of everything. Following an impulse that has no logical reason is not irresponsible; instead it is how we have discovered the best, most amazing things in this world. Creatives are voyagers, discoverers, visionaries, and playful participants in what life has to offer.

Being in the flow of creativity is more powerful then meditating. When you are in the stream of creative consciousness, you are in the space of pure freedom, of complete non-resistance, of exhilaration and yes-ness. You can feel the current growing stronger and pulling you forward into the manifestations of your creation.

Learning to be a creative is the key to creating a life you want.

Why is that so? It is because you came into this time and place as an adventurer, an explorer, to expand the universe and explore energy in new and exciting ways. Have you ever woken up, got in the shower to get ready to go to work and wondered is this all there is? Really?

If you have, you are ready for a Right Brain Renaissance.



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